The Question

There are very few personal narratives about success that don’t include hard work. There are very few white upper-middle class college educated Millenials who are truly accepting of this. I say this not because it’s easy to pillory said privilege-laden young’ns online these days, but because I am one, and just about everything in my life has been easy up ’til now. Whether it’s the instantaneous, fast-internet streaming on-demand culture or just a lifetime of skating through school without much effort, there hasn’t been much waiting or dues-paying. No real grinding. As heartfelt and inspiring as Kanye’s “Spaceship” is, I’ve never done my “five beats a day for three summers.” Until now.

A few months back, in a spectacular conflation of two of my favorite things, SoundCloud user mr3bits posted a podcast of a writer I admire, Bill Simmons, talking about his path from a young sports blogger to ESPN employment over the beat to “Last Call,” the final track on Kanye’s Late Registration, where the rapper detailed his rise from a young producer and aspiring rapper to getting signed to Rock-a-Fella records. Both are worth a listen or six.

The ultimate takeaway here is Simmons’ question to himself and aspiring writers everywhere: “What it really comes down to is: are you willing to outwork everyone else?”

It’s exciting setting up a new blog. Picking a theme and a background. It’s exciting to jot down new ideas, potential stories. It’s a lot harder to start writing on a blank page. And it’s much, much, harder to do it every. damn. day.

But that’s what I’m planning on. That’s my answer to the question. Yes. So let’s go…

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