“Afterparty” by Tink

I can’t stop playing this song. It’s been a week.

I’ve caught myself singing it everywhere, listening at work, bopping my head and mouthing the lyrics, jamming on the walk home. There’s something in it’s bounce, the champagne bubble of the synths, insouciant and yet entirely self-conscious—”I wore this little dress for you.” I suppose it’s funny for a guy to identify with that line, but I love the feeling it conveys: the butterflies and hype before a party, before seeing someone you’re into. Getting your outfit right. Drinking to overcome that nervousness and to let your smile come a bit easier. Tink’s track isn’t young—it’s youthful. It’s “wholly to be a fool…” while your crush is at the party.

I recently told a friend I much preferred having a crush on someone, even if it went entirely unrealized, if only because it adds stakes to the night. Whether your joke lands or not, there’s only one person you glance at to see if they laughed. When your style game is on point, there’s only one person you hope notices.

The song glides across the downside of partying hard—getting a little too lit—but it still feels good. Let the hangover come tomorrow and just listen to the record play: welcome to the afterparty.

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