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I love movie trailers. Even if I never end up seeing the damn things, I love the promise that’s in a good trailer. I love seeing a trailer and judging the hell out of a movie in less than 3 minutes. I’m constantly clicking through Apple Trailers, IMBD and YouTube, trying to find a new shot of adrenaline for an upcoming picture. Here’s a few I’m stoked on this week:



Our boy Jake might’ve gotten a bit overshadowed by the ascension of Gosling, but the dude has a penchant for knocking out great movies… and some crappy ones. After a wonderfully creepy turn in the fantastic and unsettling Nightcrawler, getting swole for Southpaw, and going full mountaineer-hippy for the upcoming Everest, he looks to be locking down the uplifting emotional post-tragic loss rebuilding and self-rediscovery story that’ll cement the current successful phase of his career. Which should be interesting, considering his next two projects: The Man Who Made It Snow, one of a rash of Medellin-cartel movies cropping up lately, and Nocturnal Animals, which I care to know nothing about except that it’s directed by Tom Ford. Yeah, that Tom Ford. Any doubts about Demolition can easily be assuaged at the 2:00 minute mark of the trailer, as the sunlight halos off the gorgeous hair of our wounded, investment-banking Lloyd Dobbler and we realize that our boy is gonna kill this one.




I kinda liked the admittedly low-rent single season of  Kitchen Confidential that preceded Bradley Cooper becoming the insane mega-star and consistent J-Law partner that he is. It’s fun, it doesn’t require too much thinking, and it certainly doesn’t take itself seriously. I’m worried about Burnt. I think the bad-boy druggie chef thing is a little played out. There’s way too many “cool” chefs on TV… Most of the good ones are actually huge nerds. Tony Bourdain is the rare example of a truly successful bad-boy, and he did kick the whole heroin thing. Anyways, this trailer is full of dramatic plate-smashing, kitchen brigade “Yes, Chef!” shouts and delicate shots of delicious food. Everything is fine enough until the 0:47 mark, when Niki Lauda tells Cooper-Bourdain, “If you try to start a new restaurant, there are at least a dozen people who will try to have you killed.” I don’t know, maybe shit really does get that real in the Parisian cooking scene, but c’mon. That’s a ridiculous line and everyone knows it.

(Just wanted to note that I made it through that entire paragraph without a single “bad taste,” “hard to swallow” or “overcooked drama”-type of culinary pun. You’re welcome.)


James White


I’m all in on Marni’s lame but actually too-nice-for-any-of-those-sociopaths boyfriend from Girls. That’s how we all know Christopher Abbot, but damn, it looks like he could really show something here, spinning out of control as his mom succumbs to cancer. Plus, I think Scott Mescudi aka KiD CuDi is actually really good (e.g. How to Make It in America). Throw in some Cynthia Nixon and Ron Livingston and I’m excited to see where this goes. I don’t even want to talk about it too much, I just wanna see this kiddo fall apart, if he’s got the chops.

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