Tell Me What To Think

I’ve just watched a documentary that I quite enjoyed. Unfortunately, it’s late and I have work tomorrow, so I won’t write on it tonight. But tomorrow, before I carve out enough time in my work schedule to write and process my thoughts, it’s going to take every ounce of self-control I have not to look up anything more about the doc. Not how many stars it’s got on IMDB. Not what my favorite critics said about it. Not what anyone said about it, for that matter. Those things are important, sure, but I want to get what I feel out there one time, write it first, before I see what else is up. I guess it’s a statement about where I am in writing, especially critically. I want things to stand on their own, or start to. Responding to other thoughts and criticism is important in it’s own right, and I’d love to see what’s out there, see what the professionals have said. But I can’t be recycling their thoughts. Or letting them influence my outlook, however subtly. That goes for a lot of things as well: books, music and the like. Sure, I don’t have the immense life and critical experience, the encyclopedic knowledge of genres and art forms and movements built up over a career of doing this. But I’ve got to start somewhere, no?

Note: Finding the time to really write about this was difficult at the office and I want to do it justice. It’s coming, but rest assured there will continue to be daily posts in the meantime.

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