Clothes For The Bros

So, I spent most of today standing in the sun before falling asleep on the couch in my office. Suffice to say, me head is a little thrown off and my writing game feels like garbage. But the existence of this blog is predicated on posting every day, so I’ve gotta offer something up. How ’bout a link to more writing from me, just in a really, really different voice? Yeah, that’ll work:

Mr. Mzungu

Mr. Mzungu is the blog where I blow off steam. I once described as where I “write about egregiously expensive clothing that I find compelling.” It’s a menswear blog, written in a very distinctively #menswear2.0 voice. Basically, I just write how I talk, which is like a total bro. It’s my cross to bear. But it’s fun—I like looking at clothes. I like having an outlet where I can keep words like “fam,” “dope” and “fuck” in my copy.

And to be honest, it’s been kind of an ego boost. Friends have had really positive responses to it. Which is weird for me, because when people come to me in real life talking about things that exist on the internet, cracking jokes at me, my first reaction is something along the lines of this:

Which isn’t the healthiest reaction to someone telling you they like what you do. And then I feel really amazing, ’cause people are reading what I write and reacting to it positively and sharing it with their friends. Which is kinda the goal of writing things down. But then I feel really self-conscious about it: should I feel that good? Is that ego? Is that the point of writing things down? Am I writing for me or for people to react to me? Is one better than the other? I don’t really know, but it’s interesting trying to find out. Even this post—it’s me phoning in a night of writing, sure, but it’s also pushing what I do. Advertising the ol’ personal brand. Or something. Weird feeling, for sure.

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