Thunderbolt Round

There’s a new Steve Jobs trailer.

As I hotspot my MacBook with my iPhone and watch this trailer, I figured you’d want to know what I was thinking. Ok, maybe not, but here it is anyway.

0:08 – He succeeded. My MacBook Pro is gorgeous, won’t lie. And that’s important. James Murphy articulated this well in an interview I will track down, I promise.
0:18 – That’s a seriously gorgeous shot of empty chairs. Damn!
0:20 – So is that. I’m not even kidding.
0:22 – Goddamn it, even with that awful hair, all I can see from Daniels is pure Will McAvoy.
0:26 – It will have sharp dialogue, but as a Sorkin fanboy, I’m starting to dread the recycled phrases he tends towards. He’s a master, but the familiar beats and lines are kinda tough to swallow.
0:28 – You had me sold on Danny Boyle with the drool-worthy chair shots. Side note: how to Brits get away with having grown men that still go by “Danny?”
0:33 – Walk and talk with a reliable Sorkin ping-pong—it’s like coming home, but there’s reasons you leave home.
0:38 – That pillarboxing, though—did they read my take on Instagram?
0:40 – Nevermind, distracted by the fact that they’re apparently going in on his personal life
0:46 – I get it. The tightening frame is a visual representation of pressure, of his world closing in, of him being squeezed out of Apple. I almost didn’t get it, what with the violins being so subtle and all.
0:48 – Rogen as Wozniak. I’m already happy because apparently the Woz digs the portrayal. Also, is Seth Rogen hopping on the Jonah Hill serious actor train with conductor Aaron Sorkin? Is this his Moneyball breakout?!
0:50 – Yeezy is Da Vinci, not Jobs. Sorry, bro.
0:55 – Dammit, Will McAvoy!
0:57 – Didn’t see it becoming a cursor. I dig that.
0:58 – Whoa, taking music cues from (the excellent) Halt and Catch Fire much?
1:04 – Is that Kid Pix?! Kid Pix was my jam! Though I’m not sure if I was precocious enough to call my work “abstract” at that age.
1:05 – Finally, visually reppin’ the Bay
1:07 – Seriously, FOH McAvoy!
1:08 – Explosions. Subtle.
1:10 – Ok, all those were intense. I concede—it’s a trailer.
1:12 – Of course it’s pouring rain when people get ousted from their companies in late night board meetings. Also, who the hell lit that room? Way too dark for optimal meeting efficiency. It’s like the War Room from Strangelove. Or FIFA Headquarters. Which are essentially the same thing.
1:16 – Well framed iconic Silicon Valley garage start up shot? Swoon.
1:25  – The dialogue is something heavy, but I love the vertical lines in this shot. Also, not a terribly safe place for a kid—unrecognized, illegitimate, or otherwise.
1:28 – Bow ties are played—I can’t take that seriously. Even if this is set in the perpetually less-stylish past.
1:30 – Gonna have a hard time with Early Jobs hair/beard, too. Turtleneck and Wire Rims Jobs is a little much, to be honest. Is it weird I like the middle option: Power Business Jobs?
1:31 – Probably most excited for Seth Rogen, even though Fassbender is such a solid actor.
1:38 – This child shall melt your shiny, brushed-aluminum heart, Steve.
1:45 – Goddamn, the music, seriously—good, but such obvious biting.
1:48 – Glad they’re acknowledging Apple fanboyism, even if it isn’t nearly comparable to the monster of douchery it is today.
1:55 – Oh my god, the music is in overdrive! Somebody write Trentmøller a check, like now.
1:59 – First time I let the hyperbole get to me. I even let the Da Vinci thing slide. But Allied victory in WW2 and a JuicyFruit desktop? C’mon. We had one of those. It was okay.

Like all new Apple releases, as much as I talk smack or make jokes, I’ll be spending my money on this as soon as I possibly can. Also, following this with the is Lucille Ball story, is Sorkin just gonna do biopics forever now? I hope he at least keeps it up until I’m sure how to pronounce “biopic.”

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