Playing With Fire

Tonight was the closest I’ve come to not posting for a day. Lots of friends are in town from the provinces for a week of training and I got caught up in going out and seeing them this weekend. I’ve mostly been good about putting a post up before I head out to see people, but tonight I wasn’t.

This doesn’t really count as a post, ’cause I’m not saying much, but I’ll preview the coming week:

1) Ryan Adams’ Taylor Swift cover album for 1989
2) Drake x Future mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive

(I’m honestly equally stoked by both those things)

3) Finally saying something about the nature of artistic expression, memory, and 20,000 Days on Earth
4) On sleepwalking, being good or good at it, comfort zones, old habits and Mod fashion aka I try to figure out what the hell went on during Blowup

That’s me writing a not post, but I’ve only got a minute before today becomes yesterday and tomorrow is now and I’m living in a today in which I’m one post down. Which ain’t gonna happen. I promise I’ll be better this week.

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