Filling in Blank Spaces

Update: The songs came down off SoundCloud, though people are hosting them on YouTube—hopefully these links stay up

The inimitable Father John Misty just offered up a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” over on SoundCloud. With his cheeky irreverence, Misty mentioned that it was “[his] reinterpretation of the classic Ryan Adam’s album 1989,” referencing the just released cover album.

Most importantly, this cover is a stripped down acoustic rendition done in the style of The Velvet Underground. That sounds ridiculous or hard to picture until you hear this glorious bit of musical homage:


It’s amazing how much there is in songs like Swift’s “Blank Space,” which was a huge hit, created by the Swedish pop-god Max Martin and collaborator Shellback, along with Swift. For something so ostensibly poppy and engineered for the charts, it’s awesome to see artists with such strong singer/songwriter credentials open it up, strip it down, and see what they can make it do.

Misty also covered “Welcome to New York” in a similar style, which takes it from a somewhat unrealistic, Pollyannaish paean to something much more grounded: an arch, slyly knowing welcome from someone who’s lived in the city a minute—they revel in the dissonance between image and reality, and watch pilgrims lose their illusions with a wry smile.

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