Rock of Ages

The other night, we got talking about The Rock, because it is all that is good in this life and I really shouldn’t need to explain this to anyone. As it turned out, two of my friends who happen to be staying at my house this week, hadn’t seen it. I consider this an unconscionable sin. Luckily, tonight we’re having movie night! I was strongly considering live-blogging their reactions to the movie, but I can’t. I’m getting drawn back in. Hans Zimmer’s pulsing score, Michael Bay’s overly dynamic camera work, the ridiculous script and all the insane performances. Plus, ’90s style.

It still holds up after all these years—it really does. I’m just gonna sit back and let it ride: I can’t be commenting on culture all the time, right? Sometimes we’ve gotta enjoy it, even if it’s wonderfully terrible. Tomorrow, I’ll update with my favorite quotes. I promise.

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