The Courage of One’s Convictions

I must confess a failure. Earlier this week, the Future x Drake mixtape What A Time To Be Alive dropped, and I figured I’d review it. After listening, I wasn’t terribly impressed. So, I wrote a draft that reflected that sentiment. While taking a break from writing, I went on Twitter, and saw a bunch of the people I follow tweeting positively about the album. I went back, took another listen, then rewrote the draft, convinced it had grown on me. Later, Pitchfork reviewed the album and didn’t really dig it—neither did other outlets. Those reviews were similar to my original feelings and made me rethink what I had done (again).

I didn’t really like the album. It’s not that great. I rewrote my thoughts based on outside influence, based on the fear that I’d be on the wrong side of the debate. That’s not a good way to write. “Have a take, don’t suck!” a high school teacher used to remind us, courtesy of Jim Rome. I kinda blew that call. I know very few people read this—yet!—but if I want to make an honest stand, I’ve gotta write with the courage of my convictions. So, I promise I’ll never again modify my opinions to be more in line with popular sentiments, or let myself be influenced in these matters. Sorry I did that last time. I won’t do it again.

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