We Gonna Be Alright

I woke up today and saw the news and was horrified and scared and unsure—probably like any response to a terror attack should be. And I didn’t post anything because I didn’t know what to say.

But just now, I got a ride home with one of my usual taxi drivers from Kisutu to Upanga, my good friend Abdul, and we had a long conversation about how he was an observant Muslim man and I was a (lapsed) Catholic and how what is happening in our world and with ISIS transcends human decency…

Mostly we spoke about how his very real children and my (very hypothetical) children should live in a world where they are friends, but most importantly are safe, and how nothing matters more than our humanity, and that’s what we should pass on.

I’m very rarely at a loss of words, and I’m very rarely humbled like tonight, but I can’t help but posting a thing about how our humanity lost a lot tonight, but it’s stronger than those who tear us down, and how we’re gonna be alright.

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