Form and Void

Somehow, I managed to snap from my funk about not going home soon enough straight into distraction from writing because I’m going home really damn soon. Which is good, but I’ve gotta get back on here, I feel.

I have, however, kicked the last bit of skill-building I can into overdrive while I still have Uncle Sam’s access to free resources. The last week or so, it’s been Photoshop. I’ve always wanted to learn, but I’ve been intimidated. That is no longer the case, however!

Once I grasped the basic functions, it started to make sense. (It also helps that the Adobe Creative Suite shares a lot of commands and layouts.) My main takeaway is this: holy hell, what a powerful tool! Content Aware Fill and Spot Healing are rather incredible, and I’m still very new to this. Being able to deploy those in even the most basic sense has really shown me what can be done in PS. It’s really fun, watching things change and come to life realistically with very simple manipulations.

On the flip side, though, the more I’ve learned how to manipulate pictures, the more I realize that won’t save bad ones. It can make good ones better, sure, but the most important work is done long before that. Who needs color correction when you can work on exposing your shots right? Why crop when you can learn to frame things well? There are tons of ways in which Photoshop is great, and I can see its usefulness as I go forward. But at the same time, it makes me want to get better with my camera first.

I don’t want to make a career out of using Photoshop—I’m not aiming to be a graphic designer. But I do want to make a career out of being creative, in whatever capacity will have me. Writing is probably where it’s at, but I do love photography. This will probably just be another skill for the bottom of the resumé, but it’s also teaching me new ways of looking at things, new approaches. It’s affording me a greater ability to make what I see in my mind a reality. Which is cool.

And speaking of that? I’m way behind on those drawing lessons I was mentioning… I’m gonna get on that right now.

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