Back in Bongo

I’m back in Tanzania. It’s not as hot as I remember. Actually, it is, but we’ve had some really nice days in the past week and I’m super grateful. Good weather never lasts, so I’m enjoying this while it’s here.

I landed early last week and grabbed a taxi from the airport because I didn’t realize that Uber has arrived in Dar es Salaam and didn’t know it’s way, way cheaper than regular taxis. Still, it was nice chatting with the driver as we sat in traffic on Nyerere Road, windows down to catch the little breeze we could, sweating and declining the entreaties from street hawkers walking between cars to sell cashews and sweating bottles of cold water. I swear it smelled like being home.

I spent a few days at the Econolodge, sleeping too much from jet lag and seeing a few friends on their way out of the country. It was surreal to see people who started in Peace Corps way after me now finishing their service. I also caught up with friends from my cohort and before—a good friend who once welcomed me to Tanzania on my first night in Peace Corps is now generously acting as my host out in Upanga.

As I start to plan how I’ll accomplish the things I came here to—besides seeing friends and taking a break from the US—I’m reevaluating what is important and what felt possible from the US that is trickier halfway across the world. In the meantime, I’m taking pictures (slowly, carefully) and getting back into the swing of writing. This blog will be my main outlet for now and I’m excited to get back to regularly posting about Tanzania and my experience: much has changed, much is the same, and I love it like always.

Stay posted, friends—this should be interesting!

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