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Patriot Games

If you haven’t seen Amazon’s new series Patriot, you’re missing out. Seriously. The slow-burning dark comedy about an intelligence agent posing as an engineer in Milwaukee to prevent a nuclear Iran involves confessional neo-folk, Brazilian jiu jitsu and rock paper … Continue reading

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Student Walkout

Hundreds of New York students walked out of their schools on Tuesday in protest of Trump’s immigration ban. Braving the rain to rally in Foley Square, the students toted anti-Trump and pro-immigrant banners, speaking out against the ban and the … Continue reading

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Women’s March on Washington

On January 20th, Donald Trump was inaugurated. The next day, more than 500,000 women and men marched on Washington, D.C., demonstrating in protest. I drove down from Delaware at 5 AM. My sister flew out from California with friends. We … Continue reading

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In late October, I once again travelled from Dar es Salaam to Tanga, my favorite upcountry destination in Tanzania. This time, however, it wasn’t to chill out on the beach, boat to the sandbar, or eat the delicious coastal cooking. Well, maybe … Continue reading

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Custom Fitted

Sometimes, Westerners traveling to Africa forget that you can actually buy things here. I know I did when I first left for Peace Corps—thinking I needed to come with a two year supply of everything. People just visiting forget that … Continue reading

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Trivial Pursuits

Aside from drinking, it seems to me that expats play a lot of games. I went to bingo a while back, it was pretty lit. Last night, I went to trivia. It turns out, Triniti the nightclub is actually Triniti … Continue reading

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I love coffee. I’ll allow a moment for that unique personality quirk of mine to cease blowing your mind. But really, I do. I like it hot. I like it cold. I rarely like it with cream or sugar, but … Continue reading

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